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Hello! My name is Zuri.

Zuri the go-getter!  When she was eight months she crawled towards food and refused to stop until she could see, taste, and smell the food. At three years old Zuri watched her Aunt Essence and her grandmother put on lip gloss and from there it was something she felt she needed too. She begged and pleaded asking everyday “Pretty please… Oh… pretty please can I have lip gloss daddy”. Zuri’s dad broke down and purchased her lip gloss. After using and playing with other lip glosses, she asked her mother could she make her own lip gloss with different smells and flavors.  She handpicked each container herself using different themes for little girls to take to school and the lip gloss could be carried in cool containers, she made the lip gloss from scratch to get the best feeling and smell on the lips and from there the Pretty Please Collection was born! 

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